8 Cheap Travel Gadgets: The best travel gadgets

Travel gadgets seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays. Everybody knows it. Seen, bought and then disappeared forever in the drawer. Months later, you find the so-called travel gadget again and wonder why you bought it.

But there is another way. There are actually a few things that are really useful and absolutely effective.

I have already found my personal highlights and faithful companions and of course I don’t want to withhold my enthusiasm from you.

So, there is for the following article, a clear purchase recommendation. Because all these travel gadgets I have really tested and found good.

8 Cheap Travel Gadgets: The best travel gadgets

1. Travel gadget against mosquito bites

Travel Gadget Mosquito Bites

What to do when you are on the road and the mosquitoes or mosquitoes bite like crazy? Either you slather yourself with tons of anti-mosquito lotion, wrap yourself in a cloud of caustic fumes, or use this little mosquito bite gadget.

Zap-It! is the small helper for on the way* by an electric shock, the itch of the sting is soothed. The little helper is barely bigger than a lighter and fits in any pocket. Another good and more long lasting option is the Bite Away bite healer, which I really always have with me.

Unfortunately it’s only useful when it’s done. Against mosquitoes helps but also coconut oil, preferably high quality and organic, the smell can not smell the little beasts because.

2. Travel gadget against theft

Travel Gadget Mosquito Bites Tan Safe

Summer, sun and sea. There I hear the beach literally call. Sometimes it needs nothing more than a good mood, a towel and a sunscreen.

But wait, where to put the car keys, money for a refreshing cocktail and other valuables? Best in the

Discreetly, this little travel gadget looks like any other tube of sunscreen. This is a good place to keep your small valuables.

3. Travel gadgets for your favorite perfume

Travel Gadget Perfume

I love to smell good. Preferably after jasmine. My absolute favorite scent. Unfortunately, it is always impractical to take a perfume bottle with you when traveling. There is too much content in it, the bottle is made of glass and somehow it is all so impractical.

With this, these problems are a thing of the past. Practical and even suitable for hand luggage, the favorite fragrance is always there and quickly at hand. A fine travel gadget, not only for women.

4. Travel gadget for better sleep

Travel gadget mosquito bites sleeping mask

Until recently I always had only earplugs with me on my travels. I always have this handy in my handbag too. On long-haul flights, however, I have come to know and love the luxury of sleeping masks.

Mostly there is however a problem. The masks are too tight. Scratch. Press. Somehow not suitable. Remedy creates there one This is not only super soft, but has a built-in bar under the eyes, so that the eyelashes do not hit the mask.

An extremely practical gadget that I have already tested extensively. Quasi like vacation for the eyes. I forgot the best part: In the mask there’s a sewn-in pocket as a storage place for my beloved earplugs. Perfect!

5. Travel gadget to organize

Travel gadget laundry bag

At some point it hits everyone. Dirty laundry. But where to put them? Stuff it in the corners of the suitcase? Not the most elegant solution. Putting it in a plastic bag is also totally outdated.

Let your dirty laundry become just fish food. This little gadget in the shape of a koi carp, not only looks good, but can be stuffed very well.

He doesn’t ask, he just swallows everything. Also a really fitting backpacker gadget, as the bag compresses beautifully with pressure.

6. Travel gadget for multimedia maniacs

Travel Gadget Headphone Splitter

When traveling I like to watch series on the tablet. But most of the time you quickly reach your limits, if you want to look for two and the environment is too noisy.

The rabbit is the remedy: . It splits your headphone jack so that you have maximum listening pleasure for 2 people. So you save the annoying headphone sharing.

An absolutely fun travel gadget that not only looks cute but also serves its purpose.

7. Travel gadget for some light even without electricity

Travel gadget bottle light

It also happened to me. You are traveling, a little further away from civilization and suddenly everything is dark. Power outages are usually quite inconvenient. Actually, I always have a flashlight with me, but this shines but only in one direction. What to do if you want to have a cozy light?

A cool gadget for enough light and full view is this . All you need is a flat, filled with a little water. If the power outage lasts longer – The LED light brings you the enlightenment for 75 hours.

8. Travel gadgets for a relaxed neck and flight

Travel Gadget Neck Pillow

Long journeys or even drives sometimes have the disadvantage that you quickly get a stiff neck. Whether on a plane, car or bus, a neck pillow is sometimes your best friend when traveling.

Very cool of course if your neck pillow can be more than just a pillow. This little friend, the , will become your best friend.

You can stow away your smartphone and don’t have to worry about tangled wires with your headphones anymore. As a bonus, the neck pillow compresses so much that it’s only slightly bigger than your fist.

These were my travel gadgets that I would recommend without batting an eye. These are suitable either as your new faithful companion or also as gift idea for your loved ones.

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Do you also have cool travel gadgets?

Do you have any loyal and smart travel gadgets that you can recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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