8 tips for your city trip: Find the right accommodation

Lodging is probably the most important issue, second only to choosing a vacation spot. The topic with which the success of the vacation stands and falls. That’s why I have 8 tips for your city break for you.

Even if you don’t have much of a budget, you can still experience a lot by spending a few days in a metropolis (or unfamiliar region). With such a city trip, you can get to know so to speak the “flair” of the city and collect first impressions, if it pleases then one comes also gladly back.

8 tips for your city break

Socializing vs. Privacy – Tough call

Now the time has come and the decision is made, you’ve picked a city you’d like to get to know better. Your first two considerations should be, “How do I get there??” and “Where would I like to stay?”.

Your first thought probably revolves around “where?”. The question is of course if you prefer to stay in a hotel, because it is more private there, or if you like to have the company of people from all over the world. Meaning: are you more of a hostel or hotel type of person?Both categories have their pros and cons, whether it’s price, location, or convenience.

Airport Display Terminal

Hostel – for social travelers

If you stay in a hostel, you have many room categories (with or without toilet, shower etc…) to choose from, so you have to decide which one suits you best. Your personal preferences are crucial here.

From a price point of view, hostels are usually cheaper, but you also have to make sacrifices, e.g. in terms of breakfast or often with the volume of noise. Your room neighbors like to party until the middle of the night? If you like that, then congratulations. Why don’t you go over there and keep them company?.

Hostels are usually centrally located, which is another plus point. But be careful when arriving with your own car, most of the time there are no or only a few parking spaces available. You should always inform yourself beforehand about the parking situation, this saves you the hassle of searching for a parking space on site.

Hotel – your own kingdom

If an overnight stay in a hotel is more likely for you, because you prefer to have your own room with a private bathroom for yourself (Attention! Many hotels e.g. in big cities have shared bathrooms), then you should also here a few points to heart.
Hotels or even hotel chains, can sometimes be expensive. It depends on the location and the category. A 4* hotel at the airport can be cheaper than a 1* hotel in the city center.

Again, it depends on your preferences for your city trip. I like to book hotels outside the city, not only because of the price aspect, but rather because I think that you should not necessarily focus only on the city center. Suburbs have their own charm and in my opinion should not be left undiscovered.

Tips for your city trip hotel rooms

Travel portals and hotel reviews

When I’m looking for accommodation for my city trip and think I might have found something suitable, I check the usual travel portals like Tripadvisor or Holidaycheck. However, one should be sensitive to the results.

Here is a small example from me: I was looking for accommodation in London and found a nice B&B in Kilburn, a suburb of the City of London. According to the reviews, the breakfast here should be subterranean, far too little choice, far too short and and and…

But since I don’t care much about breakfast, and much prefer to enjoy the morning in a cafe, I booked anyway and lo and behold, the breakfast was more than adequate.

The guests who give reviews always have personal preferences, which of course are included in the reviews. You should decide for yourself what is important to you. Often counts here also the gut feeling and that has honestly never disappointed me!

By the way, I like to book with Boogie.com. Why not check out the hotels for your next trip?!

4 more tips for your city trip

When choosing the right accommodation for your city trip, you first have to decide which type you prefer. But one thing is true in any case, no matter whether hostel, hotel or private accommodation, here the decision is not yet made. It is important that you consider other factors, like the surroundings or also the journey there.

If you take the following tips to heart, then nothing should stand in the way of your next city trip.

Streetcar in black and white

Public transportation

Please be aware that not every accommodation that is advertised as central has a good transport connection. Central is not a clearly defined term and can be used by businesses to appeal to guests. If you are only in a city for a few days, then look specifically for accommodations that have a good connection to public transport.

Nothing is more annoying than wandering the streets for ages looking for a hotel on a short trip. In any case, make sure that buses or streetcars also run late, or look for alternatives directly. Of course, you can take a cab, but experience shows that in some cities this is e.g. London or Paris expensive!

Check Out / Bonus Programs

If you are only in a city for a few days then it is difficult to find your preferred flight time. I like to fly there early and back late. Others prefer to fly home after breakfast after towards home. If you, like me, like to take advantage of the last day, then you should definitely pay attention to the check-out time, many hotels offer a late check-out for an extra charge. This is probably the least relaxing way, because it gives you a chance to take a shower and a short breather before your flight.

Many hotels offer bonus programs, which means you have the advantage of upgrades or even discounts if you book frequently. You should ask for it in any case!

Empire State Building city trip New York

Explore the surroundings

Of course, you want to see the most important sights in the city you have chosen. But usually districts have a certain charm, here you discover things that you have not previously planned for.

In any case, look out for restaurants or snack bars, here you can save money, because outside the tourist centers, the cost of living is much lower. Especially in England, Italy and Spain I have noticed that.


If your chosen hotel is miles away from the airport or train station and you have to change trains 5 times, then this can be a bit of a mood killer. Because I think nothing is more annoying than driving for hours after a flight. So I would always advise you to look for an accommodation that offers a reasonable travel distance.

Here you can find more useful tips for your city trip:

Now it’s your turn!

These were 8 tips for your next city trip! Did this post help you? Or do you still miss something? I look forward to a comment from you!

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