10 tips for pollen allergy sufferers

Pollen allergy, spring allergy, hay fever – there are many names and even more symptoms. Especially in spring, the air outside is full of pollen. Many people react with nasal itching, sneezing and watery eyes to these actually harmless pollen grains. In addition to medication, these symptoms can already be prevented with these simple 10 tips for hay fever:

Tip 1: Determine triggers of pollen allergy

Hay fever is caused by allergic reactions to different types of pollen. The triggers can be e.g. be determined by dermatologists with additional training in allergology. For this, methods such as the prick test or a blood test are used.

Road trip through Germany: The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations by car

Adventurous backpacking through Thailand, a relaxing cruise on the Caribbean Sea or a road trip through the spectacular national parks of the USA – due to the Corona travel restrictions, we will have to say goodbye to these vacation plans for the time being. The alternative: Home vacation in Germany. Sounds boring? But it is not! We have picked out the 10 most beautiful places in Germany, which you can travel quite relaxed by car. Where the trip could go, we tell you in this article.

round trip germany map

Buenos Aires Travel Tips: 48 hours in the tango capital of the world

Buenos Aires – cosmopolitan of cities, world capital of tango, bursting with the joie de vivre of dancing egomaniacs who know how to enjoy life to the fullest. And all this despite dictatorship, national bankruptcy, recession and capital flight in recent years! And so it is said that the real attraction of Buenos Aires are the Portenos (inhabitants) with Argentine self-confidence in their blood and unbroken pride. If you have only 48 hours to get involved in the hustle and bustle of this city, it is advisable to choose a hotel that offers moments of tranquility and at the same time reflects the spirit and flair of the metropolis. The ideal starting point is the “Alvear Palace”, a Leading Hotel of the World, in the district of La Recoleta.

Arrival 8.00 at Buenos Aires airport

A half hour cab ride to the hotel gives a first impression of the 13 million city: A wild mixture of all kinds of architectural styles from poor to ostentatious, lots of street noise and hectic activity. And then La Recoleta: a quiet neighborhood with lots of greenery and historic architecture in the Paris Haussmann style. The hotel looks like the South American version of the Parisian Ritz legend