Useful German Phrases and Words for Travelers

You may hear that everybody in Germany, or Austria/ Switzerland, speaks English. It was not what I experienced, to be honest. On your trip to Germany, you may find some people don’t speak any English at all. Like I did.

So, before you pack your bag and get on the plane, learn some basic German first! Knowing ein bisschen Deutsch (a little German) is useful.

Road trip through Germany: The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations by car

Adventurous backpacking through Thailand, a relaxing cruise on the Caribbean Sea or a road trip through the spectacular national parks of the USA – due to the Corona travel restrictions, we will have to say goodbye to these vacation plans for the time being. The alternative: Home vacation in Germany. Sounds boring? But it is not! We have picked out the 10 most beautiful places in Germany, which you can travel quite relaxed by car. Where the trip could go, we tell you in this article.

round trip germany map

Travel information for Hurghada

Hurghada visa

Located on the Egyptian Red Sea coast between Cairo and Luxor, Hurghada is a charming seaside resort popular with international tourists as well as Egyptian holidaymakers from Cairo, the Delta and Upper Egypt. Along with Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada is one of the most popular coastal resorts on the Red Sea in Egypt and is known for its extensive sandy beaches and exciting diving opportunities.

New York – Manhattan neighborhoods

Among the neighborhoods of New York Manhattan is known around the world as the heart of the big apple. It is the richest district of New York City, where one of the largest financial centers in the world is located, as well as the headquarters of the United Nations, numerous corporate headquarters, major universities . mainly tourists who want to visit New York even if it is actually only one of the 5 boroughs of New York City!

How to find your way around the streets of Manhattan?

It is very easy because the organization is simple. In fact, Manhattan is a small, long island between the Hudson River and the East River. The avenues follow a north-south axis and all the streets are from the 1. Street numbered to 220 century .

Dangerous city Santiago de Chile? Which neighborhoods to avoid and where to stay overnight?

Traveling to Chile and wondering if Santiago is a dangerous city, where the best neighborhoods to stay are and which neighborhoods to avoid.

Until today, Santiago was considered one of the safest cities in South America, far less dangerous than Lima, Bogota, Sao Paulo ou Rio. But is this still the case in 2022? Are tourists safe anywhere in the city?

The comeback of the kingdom

Not to mention total fear. With an armed Maoist rebellion still simmering in an estimated one-third of the country, “people are now focusing on South America and Africa, areas that are not in the news,” laments Andy Crisconi, co-owner of Colorado-based outfitter KE Adventure Travel, which specializes in Nepal tours. Of course Nepal has never been a bargain for climbers. Fowler calls the kingdom, where payoffs and kickbacks are a fact of life, the most expensive nation in the Himalayas, not counting Bhutan. When tourist numbers plummeted last winter, it became clear that the world's biggest mountain playground had landed on the rocks.

But with a little luck and a little more openness from Nepal's Ministry of Tourism, it may not stay there long. In December, well into the planning cycle for the pre-monsoon adventure season that begins in March, the ministry said it would begin issuing climbing permits for 103 new peaks above 5.000 meters, including White Wave – a spectacular 5.809 meter high pyramid -and Nangpa Gossum, on the border with Tibet (with 7.350 meters it is the highest on the list). The ministry also invited backpackers to six never-before-opened trekking areas, including the Walungchung Gola, a region in the northeast with hundreds of lakes and sweeping views of Kanchenjunga. In total, the terrain covers thousands of square kilometers of largely untouched mountains and valleys – an unprecedented offering from a country that welcomed organized tour groups only in 1955.

How to get the most out of your Travel System

Whether an infant carrier can be used in a travel system depends, of course, on whether it fits the stroller of your choice. BeSafe infant carriers, for example, can be clicked onto almost all popular strollers on the market using the adapters available from the stroller manufacturer. You can find an overview of all the strollers we have already tested here:
Stroller lists

Entering the USA with a child: What you should consider

View over New York

The cruise trip to the U.S. is booked and anticipation continues to build. But what documents do you and your offspring actually need to enter the United States? Each family member must have a valid passport. But that’s not all – in addition, an ESTA application as well as an approval of the legal guardian is necessary. Below you will learn more about it.

“Bleisure” in Business Travel – One Trend, Many Questions

The trend of combining business travel with leisure time is causing general uncertainty. Am I also insured during my free time, who is responsible for the family members I bring with me? Questions directed primarily at the travel manager. What bleisure means in terms of travel policy – and how it should be addressed.

Bleisure. Here's what it sounds like to try to put the combination of business and leisure on business trips into one word, while also making it look like a particularly trendy trend.