Best time to visit Niagara Falls, the weather throughout the year

summertime is the best time to visit Niagara Falls. The months between June and August are peak season because temperatures are in the low 80s. This may sound warm, but with all the breezes from the falls, the air feels cooler than the actual temperature. Since it is in high season, there are naturally more crowds, but this is the best time to experience all the attractions and enjoy the pleasant weather. Spring and fall months result in fewer crowds and cooler temperatures. The room rates are also decreasing. Room rates are lowest in the winter, but many attractions are closed due to freezing temperatures. Photo: anujakjaimook-

Niagara Falls weather and temperature per month

New global study shows: Employees associate travel with business success

Employees associate travel with business success

A global study commissioned by the SAP Concur organization shows that business travelers' priorities have shifted during the COVID 19 pandemic. Data from the study, conducted in April and May 2021, provides valuable insights for companies to refine their travel programs. First and foremost: employees consider travel to be important for both professional and private reasons. 96% of respondents are willing to travel for business in the next 12 months – 65% are even very willing.

Soccer stars live in these cities

The Frequent Traveller is all about traveling in style. The great soccer stars of today are, in a certain way, “frequent travelers” in their own right. After all, it is not uncommon for a professional soccer player to play in a wide variety of countries during his career. There are a lot of reasons for a change of club. Mostly these are of a sporting or financial nature. But a change of scenery can also be the deciding factor for a transfer. Who wouldn’t prefer Paris, Milan or Madrid to Gelsenkirchen, Wolfsburg or Dortmund?? We show where the most appealing destinations for professional soccer players are – from both a sporting and cultural perspective. These are the cities where soccer stars live..

Soccer and fashion metropolis Milan

“Milan or Madrid – the main thing is Italy”. Andreas Moller immortalized himself in the annals of German soccer with this saying. In fact, the Italian Serie A, above all the two traditional Milanese clubs AC and Inter, was the non plus ultra in European soccer. But it is not only because of the strong league that Italy is still very popular among professional soccer players today. This is especially true for Milan. Even though the two clubs have had a difficult time in recent years, the attraction has remained unbroken. This may be due in no small part to the wonderful city. Milan is one of the country’s most important cultural, financial and fashion capitals. Numerous historical monuments and works of art attract millions of tourists year after year. It is clear that even as a professional soccer player you can enjoy the dolce vita here.