The most famous locations in Mallorca

Film off: Majorca is not only a much sought-after vacation island, also directors and producers appreciate the Balearic island. We show which locations on Mallorca, the favorite destination of many German holidaymakers, productions of well-known films and series took place.

The countless hours of sunshine and the pristine coastline, the wonderful cuisine and fine wines, but also the many fincas and villas are decisive when production companies choose the island. Filming on the island is therefore not uncommon and more often residential and recording cars populate scenic popular locations. In addition to blockbusters from the cinema and classics, international series productions are also filmed in Mallorca.

9 countries where you can do Work and Travel


Many backpackers travel to Australia, New Zealand and Canada with a working holiday visa, but there are many more work and travel countries. Germany has besides Australia& Co for example also work and travel agreements with Japan, Chile, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Also, a working holiday program was recently agreed upon with the Brazilian government, which is expected to take effect in the near future.

Phoenix – Learn the desert up close Our individual travel report

We are big fans of Scottsdale, which is directly adjacent to Phoenix, but we also wanted to get to know the capital of Arizona. The city itself is unspectacular, but definitely worth seeing is the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden.

Here you can see more than 50.Marvel at 000 different plants, especially cacti species. The whole area is beautifully designed and many signs give explanations and descriptions about the species-rich flora.

Mana yang paling murah? Airy, Traveloka, atau

Tiket pesawat kini semakin mudah didapatkan, semudah tiket kereta api. Dukungan perkembangan sistem operasi pada smartphone kini telah membuat segalanya terasa lebih dekat dan lebih mudah. Salah satu hal yang cukup sering saya gunakan adalah fitur untuk melihat harga tiket perjalanan, entah menggunakan pesawat atau kereta api.

Sekarang, kebanyakan orang juga sudah mulai menggunakan pesawat sebagai moda transportasi untuk menuju ke sebuah tempat, selain memang bisa memangkas waktu dengan sangat signifikan, menurut survey juga mengatakan bahwa pesawat adalah transportasi dengan tingkat keamanan tertinggi dibandingkan moda transportasi lainnya. Bisa kita lihat, setiap di bandara pasti selalu terlihat para petugas dan mekanik yang berada di sebuah pesawat, melakukan pengecekan agar setiap komponen berfungsi dengan baik, juga pintu masuk ke ruang check in saja sudah penuh dengan pemeriksaan yang ketat.

News of the week: MSC Divina restart, Costa Venezia comes to the Mediterranean and AIDAcosma is delayed.

Costa Venezia is returning to the Mediterranean and will offer cruises from/to Istanbul ©Costa Kreuzfahrten

Dear CruiseExperience Community, Last week I was on a well-deserved vacation – this time private, not sponsored and not invited. I was on the MSC Splendida for a whole week, exploring the pearls of the Adriatic Sea and taking the liberty to put the cell phone on the side for once. A reporting follows in the coming weeks& therefore came also no news from the cruise world and summarize these compactly in this blogpost.

City trip Zagreb

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, may not be the first thought of this country, as many will associate it with its coastal cities such as Dubrovnik or Split. Zagreb is a continental European city, and although the city is rich in culture and history, it is still one of the lesser known metropolises in Europe.

With more than 800,000 inhabitants in the city and about 1.2 million inhabitants including the metropolitan area, Zagreb has more than a quarter of Croatia’s population.

English cucumber sandwich – the classic at afternoon tea

Advertising, unsolicited! This text is an editorial contribution, which could well have an advertising effect without me being commissioned or paid for it!

Do you like cucumber sandwich? Then you have probably already celebrated the classic British afternoon tea? This is now also possible in Germany – mostly in larger hotels, but also occasionally in cafes and restaurants. A great overview with the best addresses for Afternoon Tea in Germany can be found on the blog “A decent cup of Tea”

For the classic Afternoon Tea there is … of course tea … and then various delicious trifles to go with it. Usually at least three courses are served, more is of course always possible: