Ecotourism – sustainable travel

Climate change is beginning to have a noticeable impact on our everyday lives. Travel in particular comes under the spotlight time and again. In response, ecotourism is booming. In order to keep your CO2 footprint as small as possible, we would like to present you some tips for sustainable travel today.

What is ecotourism anyway?

The International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as (self-)responsible travel to areas that are close to nature, protect the fauna and flora even when traveling, and promote the welfare of the local population. The trip should lead to easily accessible areas.

10 Top Tips for Bremen: Sights & Dream places

As a northern German girl with a preference for relaxed Hanseatic cities, I have of course been to Bremen many times, not to say regularly. Bremen is a really pretty Hanseatic city, which not only offers relaxation, but also a lot of things worth seeing.

By the way, Bremen is also a mini state in Germany. Framed above and below, left and right, by Lower Saxony. In a nutshell: Bremen is definitely worth a short and also a long trip..

Tips for the semester break: Work, adventure and relaxation? How it works!

The good thing about the exam period is that it ends at some point and the well-deserved semester break follows. There are numerous ways to spend this free time. Of course, it can’t hurt if an opportunity to optimize your resume arises in the process. Ideally, you can even earn money. We have some tips for you on how to successfully combine work, adventure and relaxation.

Tips for the semester break: Work, adventure and relaxation? This is how it works!

502 Creative Travel Agency Names Ideas and Suggestions

Are you thinking of opening a travel agency? Are you looking for some creative travel agency name ideas to help you come up with a memorable name for your new business? Then, this article is the right place for you.

If you’re planning to open a travel agency, it is essential to think about how to come up with a good travel agency name. There are a lot of travel agencies around, so it’s important to get a name that’s going to help you stand out from the crowd.

Tips & Info about the best time to travel in Madagascar

At WeDesignTrips, local experts from tour operators help you plan your individual Madagascar trip without obligation.

Madagascar is a true natural paradise – from diverse wildlife to fascinating baobab trees, stunning coastlines and beautiful sandy beaches. In general you can say that the months from April to December are perfect for a journey. Our local experts tell you which months are the best and what to see and when!

Striped look: whether lengthwise, whether crosswise – we want more!

Stripes are back. But were they ever gone? Since “horizontal stripes make you fat” has also been debunked as a myth, there’s nothing holding us back and we love the look in lengthways, horizontal or diagonal. Today we show you the chicest and the weirdest striped looks, for every occasion, for every type and in all colors. Dare!

Stripes on the catwalks 2016: Oh yes! Fashion Weeks in the metropolises have already hinted at it, and fashion magazines internationally are jumping on the colorful bandwagon. What was considered daring or even unflattering for a long time, has been a fixed starter in the fashion world again for a few years now.