Excursion destinations Emsland: Relaxing tips in rain and sunshine

Excursion destinations Emsland

It is not so easy to explain where exactly the Emsland is located. Because the definition of this is a little different depending on the source. A description refers to the middle course of the river Ems. Another, in turn, speaks of the district of Emsland. And another description of the region refers to a part of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. These used to be called, at least in part, Niederlingen or, in another corner, Hanoverian or even Westphalian Emsland.

Work and Travel: What you should know

Australia, New Zealand, USA – after school or at the beginning of their studies, many people realize that there are still many opportunities in this phase of life that are difficult to realize later on. See other countries and meet new people, leave everyday life behind you. Work and Travel could be just the thing for you if you’re looking for a stay abroad that’s a mix of vacation and work. But before we can really set off, there is a lot of preparation to be done. What exactly is a Work and Travel, for whom it is possible and what you need to know, we show you here..

Work and Travel: definition and requirements

A Work and Travel is self-explanatory in a way. It is a special kind of stay abroad where you combine working (Work) with traveling (Travel). Instead of just going to a country to visit it, you will take on odd jobs there, i.e. you will do planned job hopping.

14 Hanover insider tips: Nordstadt, Linden & Maschsee Festival

Admittedly, Hanover is probably not on every tourist's radar. Because when it comes to weekend planning, Hannover is relatively rarely a named destination – and wrongly so! Hannover surprises with its alternative and young scene, which is hardly associated with the city.

Due to the large number of students and as the state capital, Hanover is more diverse than you might think. I'll take you to the charming city and show you a few Hannover insider tips, surprising corners in the districts Linden and Nordstadt and go with you to the biggest party of the city – to the Maschseefest.

8 tips for your city trip: Find the right accommodation

Lodging is probably the most important issue, second only to choosing a vacation spot. The topic with which the success of the vacation stands and falls. That’s why I have 8 tips for your city break for you.

Even if you don’t have much of a budget, you can still experience a lot by spending a few days in a metropolis (or unfamiliar region). With such a city trip, you can get to know so to speak the “flair” of the city and collect first impressions, if it pleases then one comes also gladly back.

The 10 Best Beaches in Fort Myers, FL – Top Public Beach Spots!

Fort Myers is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and alluring beaches in America.

From quiet getaways to action-packed coastal resorts, you'll find an excellent selection of beaches in and around Fort Myers. And guess what? We'll help you enjoy a big dose of vitamin sea here by highlighting the best beaches in Fort Myers, FL.