Change money in Thailand

Exchange office Pattaya

Exchange office in Thailand

Currency: 1 Baht = 100 Satang, currency abbreviations: BHT, THB (ISO code).

Banknotes are available in denominations of 1000, 500, 100, 50 and 20 BHT. Coins are in circulation in denominations of 10, 5 and 1 BHT as well as 50 and 25 Satang. Commemorative coins in circulation are also accepted as a means of payment.

Where to change money in Thailand?

Cash should be exchanged in Thailand only at authorized exchange bureaus of the banks (opening hours 10.00-22.00 a.m.), these are especially numerous in the vacation regions as well as in larger cities. Also many hotels offer exchange facilities, but money in the hotel should not be changed, because here you get the worst exchange rate.

Opening hours Thai banks
Bangkok: Mon-Fri 09.30-15.30; rest of Thailand: Mon-Fri 08.30-15.30 o’clock.

Baht exchange in Germany?

If you want to change your money in advance here in Germany at your bank, you should not do it, because in this country you get a grotty bad exchange rate!

When arriving at Bangkok airport, there are many exchange offices, but even here you should exchange only what is necessary, as the exchange rates at Bangkok airport are at approx. 3 baht per euro lower than in the vacation regions. Exchange bureaus, often found on every street corner in Pattaya, Bangkok or Phuket, offer the best exchange rates at.

Bangkok airport money exchange?

At the Bangkok airport you should only change small amounts of money if necessary, because here you get the worst exchange rate in Thailand. In contrast to the tourist areas, the exchange rate at Bangkok airport is 3 baht per euro lower. There you lose more than 10 EUR when changing 100 Euro.

Best Exchange Office in Pattaya:

The best exchange rate in Pattaya is offered by the exchange offices of T.T. Currency Exchange an, one of the first privately owned money exchange bureaus in the city. The exchange rates offered here are much better than at the exchange offices of the banks (current exchange rate in Pattaya at T.T. Currency Exchange*).

T.T. Currency Exchange Pattaya

Show your passport when changing money in Thailand?

Most exchange bureaus in Thailand require you to show your passport when exchanging money, and they will make a copy of it. Since I prefer to keep such an important document with me in the hotel safe, I always have a copy of my passport with me, of which the exchange office always makes a copy of my copy. I have never had problems with it when changing money, the copy of the passport is quite sufficient.

Withdraw money with credit card in Thailand

Many credit card providers charge high fees for withdrawing money with the credit card at ATMs abroad, so you should compare the offers of the banks carefully. In addition to the withdrawal fees for foreign use of the credit card company charge all thail. Banks per withdrawal with credit card at the ATM an additional fee of 220 baht (processing fee).

A credit card is indispensable on vacation:
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