Destinations in Portugal

The south, north, Algarve, Madeira Island or Azores offer attractive destinations in Portugal. In the land of the seafarers, seaside vacationers will find a wonderful spot, as will those who love nature and sports or who want to be entertained in the vibrant cities. Get to know the most beautiful cities and vacation regions in Portugal.

Portuguese islands in the Atlantic Ocean



The flower island of Madeira has been considered one of the most popular and exclusive destinations in Portugal for centuries. Kings and empresses were already enchanted by the unique climate and the unique splendor of flowers and this special charm continues unbroken until today.

The island is a mecca for nature lovers and hikers, offering spectacular landscapes and unique views. Even in winter there is a mild, Mediterranean climate and many travelers escape the German cold with a vacation on the evergreen island.

The capital of the island, Funchal, is known for its large cultural offer and the generous shopping possibilities. With beaches and wellness oases also the bath lovers from all over the world come at their expense.

The Azores


The archipelago of the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean also belongs to Portugal, even though it is ca. 1.500 km from the European mainland lies.

The nine volcanic islands promise paradisiacal landscapes and unique diving spots. Popular vacation destinations here are Sao Miguel, Santa Luzia and Horta.

Destinations in southern Portugal



The lively and pulsating capital Lisbon with its eventful history, in which the Romans played a major role, awaits with historical charm, numerous sights and social activity in the restaurants, stores, bars and clubs.

Everywhere it is green and blooming, cozy alleys invite you to stroll, the Portuguese wine intoxicates the senses and the special harbor atmosphere revives the great stories of the seafarers.

Among the important sights are the Rossio Square in the city center, the Torre de Belem, the Ajuda Palace or the Jeronimo Monastery. A ride on the Elevador de Santa Justa, which leads to Chiado, allows you to enjoy the heart of Portugal from above.



The city of Sintra, in the south, is one of the destinations in Portugal where you can admire the architecture and culture, with unmistakable Arabic influences

. The Moorish castle in the mountains as well as the magnificent royal castle, which reminds a little of Neuschwanstein, are the highlights, where the streams of visitors hardly break off. The city is a UNEESCO World Heritage Site.



Another city with a great historical heritage is evora, in the Alentejo region, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal.

The old city center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a wealth of monuments that attest to various eras of rule, including the Roman Temple of Diana. The numerous churches are also impressive.

The Algarve


The destinations in Portugal where the sun almost always shines and the sea could not be more beautiful are the beaches and bays of the Algarve. Rocks that rise as high as a man out of the sapphire blue sea, charming dunes and rugged cliffs are only surpassed in beauty by the colorful flora. Over 200 km of coastline awaits bathers and water sports enthusiasts, with hotels of all categories.

Sightseeing is not neglected either, because the former rulers and seafarers have left their traces with castles and fortresses everywhere. The hinterland impresses with its lush orchards and is an Eldorado for hikers.

Hotspots among the resorts include Albufeira and Praia da Rocha. The destination airport for vacationers is located in the city of Faro. Cabo de Sao Vincente in the western Algarve is considered the southwesternmost point in Europe, and the lighthouse high on the cliffs is a coveted destination for excursionists.

Destinations in northern Portugal



As the second largest city in the country, Porto in the north is a real tourist magnet and one of the destinations in Portugal that you won’t forget again in a hurry.

World-famous for its excellent port wine and unique architecture, Porto exudes an unadulterated Mediterranean romance that culminates in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Old Town.



Portugal’s popular northern destinations are complemented by the city of Guimaraes. The picturesque mountain backdrop of the Serra de Penha frames the picturesque city with elegant flair.

A stroll through the old town, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a visit to the Castelo de Vimaranes are among the special sightseeing highlights in Guimaraes.

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