Excursion destinations Emsland: Relaxing tips in rain and sunshine

Excursion destinations Emsland

It is not so easy to explain where exactly the Emsland is located. Because the definition of this is a little different depending on the source. A description refers to the middle course of the river Ems. Another, in turn, speaks of the district of Emsland. And another description of the region refers to a part of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. These used to be called, at least in part, Niederlingen or, in another corner, Hanoverian or even Westphalian Emsland.

Emsland is definitely on the border with Holland and the majority of the tourist region stretches across the state of Lower Saxony. Dutch influences definitely cannot be denied in Emsland, both in the cultural and historical sense. But this only makes the region even more exciting and charming.

The Emsland is well known and popular with active and family vacationers. Cycling, hiking, walking, canoeing… these are the preferred leisure and travel activities among holidaymakers in Emsland and it is precisely these that we would like to report on, present and, above all, give tips about today.

Emsland excursion destinations

Emsland sights: adventure and relaxation for the whole family – whatever the weather!

On our journey through the Emsland we already reported some time ago about our urban discoveries, in the nevertheless rather small cities in the Emsland. Today we will dive a little deeper and more detailed into the region and give a few more specific tips for excursions.

I admit, I am rather the active vacationer. Cycling and hiking are my preferred means of transport when traveling. I love to explore and discover a region in this slow way.

What do you do in Emsland, for example, when it rains??

The question rightfully arises, even though it is well known that there is no bad weather in northern Germany, just not so ideal clothing! But I also admit although I am a real “northern German girl”, at some point I also don't feel like facing the rain, storm and bad weather anymore. But of course a little bit of wind and rain doesn't get me out of the vacation mood.

I see it rather north German practical and look forward to indoor alternative experience program on such days. But you are really in good hands in the Emsland, because where, if not in Northern Germany, one knows that the vacationers should be offered something even in “bad weather”.

Excursion destinations Emsland

Emsland Excursion Destinations: #1 Emsflower – flowers, plants, vegetables and lots of butterflies

Briefly I ask myself why an English name was chosen for this “blooming” exhibition. Emsblume sounds actually also very beautiful.

But the proximity to the Netherlands probably explains the internationally chosen name. However – Emsflower keeps in any case, what the name promises. The company was founded in 1954 by Jan Kuipers. Originally actually a nursery, with different locations in Holland, Germany and Tanzania.

A look behind the scenes of a large-scale nursery

For some years now, visitors have also had the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of such a large-scale nursery. The area under glass here is a mere 78 hectares and employs around 220 people.

At Emsflower, the guest can easily spend a whole day. The hall with the butterflies and koi is especially colorful. Here it blooms and flutters in all possible colors. Who likes, can also feed the butterflies and kois.

A treat for all senses

In addition, the exhibition also offers insights into the production of vegetables, floral bulk products or exotic plant worlds. The exhibition is also livened up by decorative elements. A round through the halls is thus a pleasure for eye and nose.

In the in-house cafe there is on top of it still tasty cake and coffee specialties. Thus also the palate benefit does not come too briefly. An indoor playground and the possibility of organizing a children's birthday party at Emsflower round off the wide range of activities on offer.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. / Admission: adults 9.50 euros / children 5 euros – More information at www.emsflower.de

Emsflower Emsflower

Attractions in Emsland: #2 Meyer Werft – World of Ships

It is said that around 250.000 visitors a year pay a visit to the Meyer Werft guest center. A few years ago – on 3.500 square meters – a world of experience opens. The tour through the new experience center takes about 2 hours.

Visitors are immersed in the history of the shipyard by means of film footage, guest guides and interesting exhibits. During this guided tour, the guests also explore the question of how Meyer Werft became a global player and how everything actually started.

Behind the scenes of the ocean giants

In addition, ship models of ocean liners launched at the Meyer Werft shipyard are on display. If you have never been on a cruise, you will have the chance to see a luxurious ship's cabin at the exhibition.

Opening hours: Guided tours can be requested and booked individually / Admission: Adults 12 euros, children receive a discount – More information www.meyerwerft.de

Meyer Werft aidanova_d0a1327

Sights in Emsland: #3 Clemenswerth Castle – much more than a museum

Just under 50.000 guests probably visit Clemenswerth Castle every year. The hunting lodge ensemble consists of several buildings built in the shape of stars. Also star-shaped, a total of eight linden avenues also lead to the Centrum of the castle complex.

10 years of construction time (1737 to 1747). The builder was the Elector and Archbishop of Cologne – his name was Clemens August or “Lord of the Five Churches”. Besides Clemenswerth Castle, he also owned the bishoprics of Hildesheim, Munster, Osnabruck and Paderborn.

Castle park, exhibitions and weddings

The Clemenswerth hunting lodge is surrounded by a beautifully laid out palace garden – this park covers around 42 hectares.

In the different buildings there are exhibitions, event rooms, museums, restaurants and also stores. In Clemenswerth Castle even concerts take place and if you like, you can also use the rooms for private celebrations (e.g. in the.B. book a wedding).

In the round hall of the main castle, future spouses can even say “I do” in a civil ceremony. For a church wedding the fairy-tale castle chapel offers itself. The chapel is also called the most northern rococo chapel of Bavaria. It is indeed one of the most important interior designs by Johann Conrad Schlauns.

Opening hours Emslandmuseum Schloss Clemenswerth: April to November 10 am to 6 pm – December to March 11 am to 4 pm / Admission: adults 7 euros, children 3 euros, families 16 euros – more information www.clemenswerth.de

Clemenswerth Castle Places of interest Emsland

Emsland Sights: #4 On the trail of Emsland history in the Emsland Moor Museum

The Emsland Moormuseum consists of several buildings and exhibition parts. On the one hand there are the moor areas, the wet meadows or the orchards (which are of course not very suitable in bad weather).

In addition, there are also closed museum buildings, such as the model farm (in the style of 100 years ago) with real animals, of course, two exhibition halls (here the history of the Emsland is explained or even the meager life of the moor farmers vividly shown) and for the palate there is a gastronomy with coffee, cake and Emsland specialties – such as the Janhinnerk – a buckwheat pancake.

Opening hours: March to October 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Tue-Sun) / Admission: adults 7 euros, children 3 euros, families 16 euros – more information www.moor museum.de

Emsland Moor Museum Emsland Museum

Excursion destinations in Emsland: #5 Huvener Muhle – technical cultural monument on the Lower Saxony Mill Road

The Emsland is also home to many mills. This is probably why this region lies directly on the Lower Saxony Mill Road. There are windmills as well as watermills – even a few very rare combined variants can still be found in the Emsland.

Representative of these mills, I would like to introduce you to one of these combined water-wind mills as a recommendation for an excursion destination in Emsland – Huvener Muhle.

The Huvener Muhle includes not only the mill itself, but also an information center. The mill was mentioned for the first time as early as 1534.

The maintenance and restoration of the Huven mill has been taken care of by an association since 2002. This has also created the information center. Pictures and information boards clearly show the path from grain to bread. The association also provides guides for interested groups.

The mill can not only be visited, who likes it historically, can also give themselves in the mill the civil “yes” word.

Opening hours: Guided tours can be booked on request. In addition, there are always public tours / admission: adults 2 euros – more information www.huevener-mill.de

Huevener Mill

Sights Emsland surroundings: #6 Fortress Bourtange

Strictly speaking, the Bourtange fortress site is already on the Dutch side of the region. Nevertheless, it is easily accessible and above all a really worthwhile excursion destination in Emsland.

The fort – which, by the way, was never taken – was built on the border to Germany as early as 1580, on the orders of Willem of Orange. Bourtange is not only a really unique fortification, it is a historical defense bulwark in the middle of the moor – a real fortress town.

Past and present meet very vividly in this special museum. Not only the different exhibitions are worth a closer look. If you are a guest in Bourtange, you should also take a closer look at some of the buildings: whether the church, the wooden horse, the impressive gates, the powder magazine, the market place or the impressive Ständerkornmuhle.

You should definitely take a day for a visit to Bourtange. By the way, the fortress town also offers original possibilities for overnight stays.

Opening hours: Daily from 9 am resp. 10 a.m. (depending on the day of the week) until 5 p.m. / Admission: adults 8.50 euros, children receive a discount – more information www.bourtange.nl

Welcome to Bourtange

Excursion destinations Emsland – adventurous family fun in bad weather: #7 Climbing hall adventure time

Climbing is fun and has long been much more than an exotic sport in northern Germany as well. Thanks to some climbing halls climbing becomes more and more a trend sport. Our youngsters are true masters in climbing and that's why climbing gyms also like to be on our list for Schietwetter excursion destinations.

The climbing hall in Werlte in Emsland offers climbing fun up to twelve meters high and with different degrees of difficulty, of course, all certified secured.

Opening hours: Tue, Thu + Fri 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., extra for kids Mon 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.30 h – Tue 16.30 h till 17.30 hrs – other times by arrangement / admission: from 13 euros – more information www.climbing hall-werlte.de

Climbing hall

Emsland destinations with wellness factor: #8 Sportparc Emsland, Linus Lingen& Romantic Hotel Aselager Mill

Whenever we explore a region, we naturally look for the special wellness factor. We also found this one in Emsland. For a relaxing wellness day we recommend a visit to the Sportparc Emsland in Meppen with fitness, sauna and therapy treatments or to the Linus Lingen Wasserwelten with swimming pools, sauna worlds and wellness treatments.

If you want to combine your trip to Emsland with a whole wellness vacation, you should take a special look at the Romantik Hotel Aselager Muhle.

Emsland@home: #9 Recipe Janhinnerk

You love it sweet? So why not bake a Janhinnerk yourself?

A Janhinnerk is by the way a special pancake from the Emsland in a very hearty variant. It is made with buckwheat flour. Hearty as it is, it is perfect for the cold season, but we also enjoyed it in the summer.

Ingredients for a Janhinnerk:

500 g buckwheat flour, 4 eggs, 3/4 liter coffee or tea (leftovers from the day before), bacon, lard, salt (of course you can leave out bacon and add onions if you like).

Preparation Janhinnerk

Mix flour, eggs, coffee (or tea) and salt to a dough. The day ca. let soak for 5 hours. Put lard in the pan and then fry the bacon strips (or even onions). The pancake batter is then poured on top with a ladle.

Fry the pancake until brown on both sides.

Buckwheat pancake Emsland

Fancy a vacation in Emsland?

The destinations presented here can also be integrated into cycling or hiking tours through the Emsland. There are of course many more places to visit in Emsland.

A few more Emsland excursion destinations and sights I present in further travel reports about Emsland. If you still don't feel like a trip to this region, you should read on… I promise, the desire will come! &

Why vacations in the Emsland are especially suitable for families!

Germans actually prefer to spend their vacations in their own country. The Emsland is a great travel region, especially for families, because there is a lot to discover and experience. And in addition, a trip to this region is really relatively inexpensive.

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