How to get the most out of your Travel System

Whether an infant carrier can be used in a travel system depends, of course, on whether it fits the stroller of your choice. BeSafe infant carriers, for example, can be clicked onto almost all popular strollers on the market using the adapters available from the stroller manufacturer. You can find an overview of all the strollers we have already tested here:
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2. It should protect your child from wind and sunlight

Since your child is particularly exposed to wind and sunlight when using a travel system, you should choose a car seat that offers a particularly deep sun canopy with a high sun protection factor.

The BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size protects your child on all common paths. The extra large sun canopy, which can be adjusted completely independently of the carry and roll bar, protects your child even in low winter sun. While the built-in sun protection factor 50+ ensures that your baby’s sensitive skin is protected from sunlight, the additional ventilation slot on the back of the canopy prevents accumulated air, so your baby is always cozy and comfortable in the infant carrier.

3. It should provide the highest level of safety in all usage situations

If you are using a sibling stroller with a second child below the infant carrier, we recommend that you use an infant carrier that prevents other children from reaching the infant carrier straps.

Thanks to an additional harness protector on the bottom, the BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size prevents children from getting to the harness system, ensuring your baby’s safety.

How can I protect my baby on cold days in the Travel System?

If you are out with your little ones on cold days, we recommend that you always dress them in wool socks and gloves and tight-fitting clothes.

To provide your child with additional comfort in a BeSafe infant carrier, we recommend using a footmuff that is specifically designed for infant carriers. Thanks to its closable back openings and built-in harness grommets, the car seat’s internal harness straps can be placed on the inside of the footmuff. Since the footmuff is closed afterwards over the belts, thus no thick layer is brought between your child and the belts of the seat. Learn more here!

BeSafe’s sister company VoksiĀ® offers a wide range of Scandinavian footmuffs of the highest quality. VoksiĀ® products are made of high quality materials, which are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100. For more information, visit

What is important to remember when using a travel system??

At BeSafe, we strongly recommend that you do not leave your child in the infant carrier for too long – whether that is in the car or in the travel system. A baby’s back is not yet developed enough for the baby to sit in a bent position for a long period of time. We therefore recommend that you remove your child from the car seat every 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and even more frequently for newborns. It’s clear that a travel system doesn’t replace a stroller, but for many short errands that involve constantly popping in and out of the car, it can still make your daily life a lot easier.

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