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Among the neighborhoods of New York Manhattan is known around the world as the heart of the big apple. It is the richest district of New York City, where one of the largest financial centers in the world is located, as well as the headquarters of the United Nations, numerous corporate headquarters, major universities . mainly tourists who want to visit New York even if it is actually only one of the 5 boroughs of New York City!

How to find your way around the streets of Manhattan?

It is very easy because the organization is simple. In fact, Manhattan is a small, long island between the Hudson River and the East River. The avenues follow a north-south axis and all the streets are from the 1. Street numbered to 220 century .

Note that 5th Avenue divides Manhattan into 2 zones: East (E) and West (W) and that Broadway runs a diagonal through the city.

MANHATTAN MAP - New York City Districts

How to recognize neighborhoods in Manhattan?

I will not detail all the many neighborhoods / boroughs of Manhattan :

TriBeCa, SoHo, Chinatown, Lower East Side, Village of Greenwich, East Village, Chelsea Garment District, Meatpacking, Theater District, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Harlem, Upper Manhattan .

It would be too long and too complex!

Coco’s quote: Smart Ant always strives for simplicity and efficiency!

For better understanding, I will say schematically that Manhattan is divided into three major sectors: downtown, uptown, and midtown.

Mahattan - Downtown Districts

“Downtown” Means “South and includes the boroughs south of 14th Street:

Manhattan neighborhoods - Uptown

“Uptown means “north and includes the boroughs north of 59. Street:

Manhattan Neighborhoods - Midtown

“Midtown” Means “around the center” and is between the 14. and 59. Street / Central Park. ::

Now you’re going to say to me, “OK, but what are the tourist, residential, safe, chic, vibrant, where to eat, where to sleep… . “

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And to visit New York, here is my article that might inspire you: Walking routes to New York in 2 days

Map of Manhattan

Here is the Google Map that allows you to see the differents boroughs of Manhattan.

Manhattan's most touristy neighborhood

Which neighborhood in Manhattan should you visit?

Let’s start with one of the most famous:

Times Square in the Midtown neighborhood of Manhattan

It is the most touristy part of Manhattan. You must go there while lifting your head and putting on earplugs! But it is the most vibrant and iconic place in New York! Shopping, bars, restaurants, theaters playing the biggest musicals (and more on Broadway)… it’s all here for entertainment! This is a centrally located location in close proximity to all the attractions of Midtown. So many tourists stay there… despite the very high prices!

For those who want fun accommodations in the heart of ManhattanJust a stone’s throw from major attractions and subway stations, this is the hotel for you: CitizenM New York Times Square. But it will cost a little more than 300 euros per night he is WOW .

Hell’s Kitchen in Midtown Manhattan

A little further north from Times Square, Hell’s Kitchen is also a busy and touristy area. You have to go here to find good restaurants. A little further from Times Square, this area is also a little quieter and a little more affordable.

Herald Square in the Midtown district of Manhattan

It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan. Here you must visit the Empire State Building, walk along 5th Avenue, shop on 34th Street and especially at Macy’s or walk towards Madison Square Garden .

It is therefore an ideal neighborhood for shopping in New York. I have a good hotel address to combine a tourist stay and shopping:

Midtown East

Very close to Central Park, Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Station New York tourist district but also financially. There are modern skyscrapers with large bay windows, but also old buildings and buildings of red brick. This district is mainly inhabited by offices and stores and proves to be a very expensive district!

Recommended Hotel in Manhattan

Which neighborhood in Manhattan to choose for a chic stay?

Upper West Side – area north of Midtown Manhattan

This district is crossed by Broadway and is located west of Central Park. It is a residential area very very chic and rich. And if the atmosphere is bourgeois, it is still relaxed! This district is full of beautiful art nouveau buildings and also has a large number of very nice restaurants. There is no uncertainty and we walk around quietly, without being suspicious, without stopping .

In this beautiful area I had my hotel during my 1 er stay in New York (February 2010) and I just loved it!

Beacon Hotel Manhattan

My experience :

I confirm that this hotel is very well located BROADWAY and that it is really a is nice neighborhood to visit New York. In fact, it is 5 minutes walk from the 1-2-3 subway, on the street of mythical theaters, near Central Park and in front of a FAIRWAY supermarket (useful for small errands). The studio The one we had was spotless, very comfortable and practical. It was clean, fully furnished and I enjoyed the great view from the 19. Stock!

Manhattan neighborhoods - view from our room

Upper East Side – area north of Midtown

Just like its neighbor, it is a New York residential neighborhood. We can even say that it is so the most chic and richest in New York. It is therefore obviously an ideal place to stay in peace in a place without uncertainty!

There are also numerous museums: the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) is a must-see with its paintings by Van Gogh, Chagall, Pollock… as is the no less famous Guggenheim Museum!

Which neighborhood in Manhattan should you choose for a trendy stay?

I present to you among the lively and trendy neighborhoods of Manhattan. They are less close to tourist attractions than the previous ones, but are more attractive because of their authenticity and character. You must go there to have a drink, walk, shop and go out in the evening!

Soho – Nolita – Tribeca – Downtown Manhattan neighborhoods

These are New York’s coolest and liveliest neighborhoods !

We are in the lower part of Manhattan. On the east side of these neighborhoods many bars, restaurants, nightclubs have settled and attract many people. But the further you go towards the Hudson, the safer, quieter, calmer and more residential the neighborhoods become.

Chelsea / gay friendly district – Midtown Manhattan

Located in the heart of the city, Chelsea is probably one of the most artistically interesting neighborhoods in New York. The location is ideal for tourists, since it is close to the main attractions in Manhattan!

The most famous gay neighborhood in New York is located in this area. It is located between the 23. and 30. Street. Here you can find many gay bars as well as beautiful, upscale and luxurious hotels and restaurants.

Chelsea is therefore a very good compromise for those who want to stay both in a quiet area and at the same time in a lively and trendy area with good restaurants and places to go out.

What are the Bobos neighborhoods in Manhattan?

Greenwich Village – downtown area

This district is often called “the village and has many identities: trendy, bobo, student, intellectual . You will find many restaurants and small cafes, tea rooms, wine bars . The prices of the restaurants are quite affordable, although there are some middle-class and more expensive restaurants as well.

Lower East Side – downtown area

This is where the New York clothing industry began. The district has kept its reputation as a place where you can do good business and where there are beautiful clothing creations . This district is a mix of old and new, chic and bohemian and is becoming more and more trendy. Fashion. There are trendy bars and concert halls and everything you need to celebrate!

Dangerous neighborhoods in Manhattan?

Manhattan is one of the 5 safest boroughs in New York (see Neighborhoods to Avoid in New York). However, without being dangerous, there are 2 neighborhoods in Manhattan that are less safe than the others:

East Harlem and Upper Manhattan – Uptown neighborhoods of Manhattan

These two boroughs are located north of Manhattan.

Upper Manhattan runs from 125th Street to Inwood Hill Park on the west and from 96th on the north to the east side. It is an area that is not frequented by tourists. The same goes for Harlem, which extends this borough .

If these neighborhoods were previously “dangerous were, this is no longer the case. But the reputation is an evil that lasts and lasts .

I think the Harlem definitely worth a little detour. It is the cultural and economic heart of the Black American community, but also an important Hispanic cultural center (East Harlem or “Spanish Harlem”) and many other communities.

Here is the legendary Apollo Theater. Artists like Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, Michael Jackson have played there! For lovers of gospel, jazz or hip hop, Harlem proves to be a district of New York very interesting for its musical culture.

Lucid Ant does not care about reputations because she knows they are not always well-founded!

So for those who want to visit outside the classic circuits and immerse themselves in the real New York amidst a cosmopolitan population I know a nice hotel:

4 minutes from the 125 Street subway station, you can be in Central Park in 6 minutes and in Times Square in just 20 minutes.

But Ant is not satisfied with a little and always wants more:

For more great deals in Manhattan, check out the article below: New York City Cheap Hotels

What to see in Manhattan?

You want a list of all the sights, addresses, prices, times, etc. I don’t have the skills to give you all this information as the list is long! I must admit that guidebooks are very handy and much more complete than information from bloggers .

If I have any advice, it is simply to take the Lonely Planet, which is the reference guidebook! This is the one I usually use for all my travels and I’ve never been disappointed (useful, reliable information and lots of good restaurant addresses…).

But I can tell you how and what itineraries to visit New York in 2 days on foot !

And to make it convenient and quick, you can sign up for a city tour of Manhattan.

For those who want to visit on their own, here is the subway map:

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