Tips for Enschede: sights, restaurants and excursions

Enschede, the small neighboring city on the border between the Netherlands and Germany, may seem inconspicuous at first glance, but it has a lot going for it. I spent a day in Enschede, in the province of Overijssel, getting to know the charming city and the Enschede sights a little better and experiencing those in town.

In the end, we came up with a pair of (culinary) tips for restaurants, the center and landmarks in Enschede in the Netherlands that are guaranteed to convince you to spend a nice day in the city and see some sights. You can read more about the Netherlands in my article:

Camera phones for traveling: What matters?

During a trip there are many moments that you would like to capture as a souvenir. In order not to burden the luggage additionally with a camera and accessories, more and more vacationers fall back on their cell phone for taking photos. What distinguishes a good camera phone and what features you should look for, you can find out here. In addition, we give some photo tips, which provide for successful vacation photos.

The beauty of Lake Constance: 5 ideas for excursions in Constance

The most beautiful city at Lake Constance? Constance would have a good chance to win this title. The flair: Mediterranean. The atmosphere: relaxed. Barely there, it feels like a vacation. Stroll through the historic center, sit in a cozy cafe, swim in the lake and enjoy a glass of Lake Constance wine – Constance is the ideal starting point for our planned island hopping. What’s more, the largest city on Lake Constance is so charming that you would like to stay longer. Or soon to return.

Whether you have just one day or a whole weekend to spend in Constance, here are our tips for an enjoyable time:

Ecotourism – sustainable travel

Climate change is beginning to have a noticeable impact on our everyday lives. Travel in particular comes under the spotlight time and again. In response, ecotourism is booming. In order to keep your CO2 footprint as small as possible, we would like to present you some tips for sustainable travel today.

What is ecotourism anyway?

The International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as (self-)responsible travel to areas that are close to nature, protect the fauna and flora even when traveling, and promote the welfare of the local population. The trip should lead to easily accessible areas.

10 Top Tips for Bremen: Sights & Dream places

As a northern German girl with a preference for relaxed Hanseatic cities, I have of course been to Bremen many times, not to say regularly. Bremen is a really pretty Hanseatic city, which not only offers relaxation, but also a lot of things worth seeing.

By the way, Bremen is also a mini state in Germany. Framed above and below, left and right, by Lower Saxony. In a nutshell: Bremen is definitely worth a short and also a long trip..