Spring in Germany: 5 beautiful walks in NRW

Spring creeps through Germany on silent soles. Now it's time to take a breath and enjoy nature. I asked my fellow bloggers about the best places to visit in their region. Rausgekommen are 4 beautiful walks to hike and enjoy for beautiful hours in NRW.

In NRW you have a lot of wasted opportunities for a nice walk, whether on the way in the forest in the countryside or with a little culture. Also in my homeland the Ruhr area you find many beautiful corners like the one(s) in attitudes. If you like it more idyllic you are also in the good walking and hiking.

Even with distance and despite Corona! These walks are fun and on the way you can perfectly recharge your batteries.

Spring: 6 beautiful walks in NRW

1. Leverkusen: The Japanese garden

Spring in Germany: 5 beautiful walks in NRW

If you visit the small Japanese garden in Leverkusen in spring, then you quickly realize that winter is finally over. You can directly watch how nature really explodes and countless cherry blossoms, magnolias, camellias, tulips and daffodils and plants open their flower heads.

Then the garden looks like a colorful carpet. The Japanese garden is a 15.000 square meters of paradise on the outskirts of Cologne in the midst of clusters of houses and industrial plants. It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Germany.

It is an oasis of silence and beauty with the branching paths, the small waterfalls, ponds with Japanese koi and turtles, as well as flowers, shrubs and trees, each of which creates a completely different picture during the different seasons. In the Japanese garden you can also admire treasures from the Far East, e.g. charming sculptures as well as different, simple, but also ornate Japanese lanterns or bridges and curved gate buildings in warm red tones.

In addition to grasses, papyrus shrubs, Japanese golden maple, chrysanthemums and other plants, there are also redwood trees, statues of geishas and Buddhas, and water-spouting dragons. One of the many attractions of the Japanese Garden in Leverkusen is the pretty little tea house in the middle of the garden.

The Japanese garden is open all year round, in summer from 9:00 – 20:00, on weekends and holidays from 9.30, in winter from 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Admission is free.

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2. Dusseldorf: cherry blossoms and the banks of the Rhine

Spring in Germany: 5 beautiful walks in NRW

Dusseldorf may seem a somewhat unusual suggestion as a spring destination. But anyone who has experienced the city at this time of year will agree with me. Over 10 million bulbs have been planted in the city's parks, green spaces and green strips in recent years. At the beginning of March millions of crocuses and daffodils bloom all over the city. When I see the first blossoms on the roadside, I know spring is here. My favorite place to enjoy the sea of blossoms is the Hofgarten.

You can also experience the famous cherry blossom in Dusseldorf. The perfect places for this are the Japanese garden and the park of the EKO house. The Japanese garden is located in the large Nordpark and was donated by the Japanese community of Dusseldorf in the 1970s.

It is still maintained by Japanese gardeners. In the Nordpark you can see not only cherry blossoms but many other flowering trees, such as.B. Admire magnolias. If you want to know more about the Japanese Garden and North Park, check out.

The EKO house is a Japanese temple with a beautiful park. Here you can find not only the cherry blossom, but also peace and relaxation in the middle of the hectic big city.

A nice place to enjoy the first warm sunbeams in spring are the casemates at the banks of the river Rhine. Here you can sit directly on the Rhine and be protected by a roof if it does rain. If the April weather does turn out to be bad, Dusseldorf has museums, great restaurants, and plenty of opportunities to go shopping.

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3. Eifel: National Park and daffodil blossom

Spring in Germany: 5 beautiful walks in NRW

The Eifel and the associated national park are a very popular local recreation area for many people from the Rhineland throughout the year. There are countless beautiful hiking trails, water landscapes like the Rursee, exciting natural phenomena from volcanism and cute old towns like Monschau.

In spring I find it especially beautiful there, when nature slowly awakens from hibernation. The highlight in the Eifel is definitely the daffodil blossom, which turns some river valleys into a yellow sea of flowers every spring. The wild daffodils are only found in one other place in Germany, in the Hunsruck, so they are a rare natural spectacle. It can be explored on several circular walks.

The big round walk with 15km starts in Monschau-Höfn at the national park gate, where there is also a small exhibition about the daffodil blossom to see. During my visit I hiked the shorter route through the Perlbach valley. A beautiful route, which you can also manage as a beginner hiker. Afterwards we made a little side trip to the nearby Monschau. So you have the perfect combo of nature and city, for a beautiful .

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4. Bonn: The enchanting cherry blossom

Spring in Germany: 5 beautiful walks in NRW

We haven't made it to Japan yet, but we have been to the cherry blossom festival in Bonn several times. If you come from the Rhineland, it is not far to the former federal capital, which is known worldwide for the blossoms in spring.

In addition to a visit to the Botanical Garden or the House of History, it's the little things that make the city stand out every year at cherry blossom time. Highly recommended are the Hausturtrödel and the creative market.

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5. Cologne: The Forest Botanical Garden

Spring in Germany: 5 beautiful walks in NRW

The Forest Botanical Garden in the Rodenkirchen district of Cologne is perfect for a family outing on a sunny spring day. The first thought when we realize the vastness of this park, we should have taken the scooter or the bike for our little one. But even without a vehicle she is running enthusiastically, across the meadow up and down the hills.

Tip: Be careful, there are nasty little holes hidden in the meadow that can make you stumble.
Our first destination the playground of finest sand, here are slides, climbing frames and houses mainly made of wood. Around the sand is lazing on the grass and picnicking. A little further on, the magnolia trees and ornamental cherries shine out at us with their white and pink blossoms.

My little one wants to smell everywhere and “reads” enthusiastically all the signs where the trees come from. Ethiopia, Sudan, Luxembourg or Switzerland, plants from all over the world are represented here. Behind the spacious meadow we take the path into the forest, every third tree trunk is used to play hide and seek, sticks and pine cones are collected. The whole family enjoys the excursion into nature.

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