Striped look: whether lengthwise, whether crosswise – we want more!

Stripes are back. But were they ever gone? Since “horizontal stripes make you fat” has also been debunked as a myth, there’s nothing holding us back and we love the look in lengthways, horizontal or diagonal. Today we show you the chicest and the weirdest striped looks, for every occasion, for every type and in all colors. Dare!

Stripes on the catwalks 2016: Oh yes! Fashion Weeks in the metropolises have already hinted at it, and fashion magazines internationally are jumping on the colorful bandwagon. What was considered daring or even unflattering for a long time, has been a fixed starter in the fashion world again for a few years now.

You have not ventured to the stripe trend until now? You just think too often, “that doesn’t go with anything” or “who can wear that”?” Don’t hesitate any longer – striped looks are not a one-hit wonder and we get to admire them every year again in the collections of renowned designers. Nevertheless, prints in block and horizontal stripes have not been as present in the international fashion showcase as they were in 2016 for a long time. Reason enough to acquire a few striped basics or extravagant eye-catchers! We show

Woman in a sheath dress with stripes and sunglasses

you, which stripes work how, to which patterns they can be combined – and to which please not! – and how to get a striped “basic wardrobe”, which does not cause any optical illusions in everyday life.

Woman with striped sweater

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It flickers! The disreputable horizontal stripe

Whether the horizontal stripe is really wearing you out, we tell you a little further down in the text – the fact is: It is and remains the classic. Just think of the striped sweater! In recent years, thin horizontal stripes have also made their own mark in the world of sweaters and sweatshirts. And feminine garments like swingy skirts or chic cape jackets gain whimsy and sophistication from the striped pattern.

Best suited for: Shirts, A-line dresses and plate skirts, capes and ponchos

Not so suitable for: Miniskirts, tights

Behind bars? The straight vertical stripe

Because it’s so straight, the vertical stripe pairs so wonderfully with airy fabrics and loose cuts. Caution: Contrary to frequent assertion, a vertical stripe really only stretches if the cut fits – i.e. the garment ideally does not fit quite as tightly as it could. Or do longitudinal stripes jeggings look really advantageous?

Best suited for: Blouses, boyfriend blazers, Marlene pants

Not so suitable for: Tube pants, sheath dresses

Woman with black skirt and striped blouse

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Woman with striped dress

Beautifully quirky: the crazy diagonal stripe

If you dare, take a wry look at stripes. Why not the inner M. C. Escher delight and play a few optical confusion games? Diagonal stripes and other pattern-mixing stripe looks definitely require courage, but guarantee you the truly unforgettable appearance. Or just a little positive confusion.

Best suited for: Dresses, shirts, sweaters

Not so suitable for: Shirts

Which striped look suits which woman type?

The basic rule, if you want to pay attention to it, is: the slimmer you are, the wider the stripes may be. That means, narrow stripes look top even in size 46+ – especially nice are light stripes on dark fabric.

Wide block stripes, on the other hand, look good especially on slim to androgynous types of women. It can also be a sheath dress in neon colored horizontal stripes and color blocking! Of course, the prerequisite is always that the colors also harmonize with your skin and hair type.

A striped sweater is considered a classic and suits all women, whether slim or curvy. It is best to choose a sweater in the colors that you usually have in your closet: If you wear mainly dark colors, a black-gray-white striped sweater might suit your wardrobe, and if you love earth tones, try red-rust-mustard yellow. Pastel is also a first-class color palette for the stripe look and goes wonderfully with white.

Do horizontal stripes really show off?

While designers and fashion icons have long claimed otherwise, we’re not quite sure yet. Can it really not be that cross-striped clothing visually stretches in width, making us look fatter?

A now prominent theory invokes studies such as the one conducted by Peter Thompson in New York in 2008: In it, Thompson concluded that portly women in horizontal stripes were rated as slimmer than women in longitudinal striped clothing. We recommend: Try it out and get advice from the person you trust! If you want to conceal and still reach for horizontal stripes, you can do so with cuts that are far from the body. An A-line dress, for example, a cape or a shirt in boyfriend look give the body structure and stretch even cross-striped.

Woman with wide stripe dress

Woman with striped cape coat

© SanneBerg | istock

One thing is for sure, the wild patterns are not a design for the office Monday. But if you want to stand out from the crowd in a daring and stylish way and radiate elegance with your outfit without appearing too classic or conventional – welcome to the world of exclusive stripes!

There’s something particularly peppy and youthful about colorful stripe patterns, to which lace, paiseley and co. will simply never come close. But monochrome block stripes in black and white or shades of gray also make the jump and add a flirty undertone to any business dress. And yet: stylish stripes do not even have to appear feminine. They harmonize wonderfully with androgynous looks, linear shapes and large, geometric surfaces. Basic rule: the more restless and detailed the pattern, the straighter the cut of the garment should be

Stripes for everyday wear: our looks for beginners

We have searched and found some everyday striped looks for you: From the extravagant mini dress to the basic skirt, to boho chic or nautical jute loafers, you can find some styling tips for the striped look in our gallery. Sometimes colorful, sometimes black and white, sometimes wide, sometimes narrow: Let us inspire you!

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