The most beautiful hiking trails in Baden-Wurttemberg – 15 tours to enjoy

Rushing forests, deep gorges, crystal clear streams, sun-drenched vineyards, old orchard meadows and grandiose view rocks – the little time-out is waiting in Baden-Wurttemberg right on your own doorstep.

In this article I have put together a selection of the most beautiful hikes in Baden-Wurttemberg, which I myself always enjoy doing. They can also be wonderfully combined into a hiking weekend or hiking vacation. The premium circular hiking trails are also perfectly signposted, so you can enjoy nature to the full without constantly looking at a map. All you have to do is lace up your hiking boots and start walking.

Baden-Wurttemberg is a real hiker's paradise, with well-known regions such as the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb. But also with many unknown corners, which are not yet so overrun – some I present here also.

No matter whether you prefer active or more leisurely:

Hiking makes you happy. And at any time of the year.

Hiking Baden-Wurttemberg: Discover the Swabian Alb

Zollernalb Traufgänge

Although it is beautiful everywhere on the Swabian Alb, there are a few corners that I particularly like. For example, Albstadt with the Traufgängen (ridge walks). For me these are among the most beautiful hiking trails of the Alb at all.

Spectacular Traufkanten, lots of panorama and a vastness that also opens the heart – around Albstadt unique premium hiking trails await pleasure hikers. One more beautiful than the other: sometimes with a postcard view of Hohenzollern Castle, sometimes with rock climbing – and each time a hiking dream. You can find detailed tips on the tours as well as tips on where to stop for refreshments and overnight stays on the Traufgänge here: Traufgänge Premiumwanderwege Schwäbische Alb: Always along the edge

Start/Finish Traufgang Zollernburg-Panorama: several entrances, e.g. Mountain hotel Zollersteighof or Nägeleshaus on the Raichberg, length: 15.6 km

Traufgang Zollernburg Panorama Hohenzollern Castle

Mössinger Three-Front-Stone

The Mössinger Dreifurstenstein offers a magnificent view. A real Alb dream: After a short but crisp climb, breathtaking views await you from the edge of the Trauf. Narrow paths lead serpentine through sparse mixed forest, then it's wonderfully relaxed at Farrenberg. This tour is especially beautiful in spring, when the trees blossom on the idyllic orchards. Hence the name: Mössinger Fruchtetrauf. Here you can go directly to the tour: Swabian Alb: hiking to the Dreifurstenstein

Start/Destination Mössinger Dreifurstenstein: Hiking parking lot Olgahöhe, Mössingen, Length: 13.3 km

Swabian Alb Hiking Tour Mossinger Dreifurstensteig

Danube rock tour

Danube waves are the name of the premium hiking trails in the southern part of the Swabian Alb, the Donaubergland. One of the most beautiful: the Donaufelsentour near Fridingen. Mountainous country is to be taken literally here: The very varied path goes up and down. A best-of, so to speak, because this hike includes everything that the Donaubergland has to offer. The official starting point and wonderful vantage point is the Knopfmacherfelsen (button maker rock).

From there it goes on forest paths down to the Danube, which one crosses on stepping stones and directly behind the hunter's lodge a path leads again into the forest. Uphill, downhill with magnificent views, you hike to Bronnen Castle, to the ruins of Kallenburg Castle and finally back down into the Danube Valley.

On the other side of the river, the trail climbs again. Great cinema – fantastic views included.
Craving a slice of Danube wave cake? Available at Berghaus Knopfmacher (you can also spend the night there).

By the way: Nearby, the Danube seeps away to reappear a few kilometers further, in the Aachtopf – a natural phenomenon.

Start/finish Donaufelsentour: Berghaus Knopfmacher, length: 15.4 km

Lichtenstein Castle: Premium hiking trail “hochgehträumt

“Hochgehberge” is the name of the 21 hiking trails in the Swabian Alb biosphere region that lead to the most beautiful places around Munsingen.

The hike “Hochgehträumt”, which starts and ends at Lichtenstein Castle, is fairy-tale beautiful. The really enchanting castle is already a wonderful destination for an excursion on its own, but it is also frequented accordingly, especially on weekends. But most romp around the castle or the Nebelhöhle, another highlight along the way. In between it goes quite well and you dive into the wonderful Alb landscape. More about the “hochgeträumt” hike around Lichtenstein Castle.

Start/finish “hochgehträumt”: Lichtenstein Castle, length: 10.9 km

Lichtenstein Castle

Wild and romantic: Bad Urach waterfall trail

Also the Wasserfallsteig is for me one of the most beautiful hikes on the Swabian Alb. A premium trail with magnificent views from the slide rock, idyllic meadow valleys and two wildly romantic waterfalls.

My tip: Don't hike the official variant from the hiker's parking lot in the Maize Valley, but in the opposite direction. This has two advantages: the ascent is gentler and the highlight of the hike, the Bad Urach waterfall with its waterfall hut, comes at the end. A great finale: the water rushes 37 meters into the depths. Here you can find all information about the hike on the Wasserfallsteig.

Start/Finish Bad Urach Waterfall Trail: Maisental Hiking Point, Length: 10.7 km

Waterfall trail Swabian Alb Bad Urach

Alb shepherds' path on the eastern Alps

Long-distance hiking is in vogue, but you don't have to go far to do it. The Albschäferweg on the Ostalb measures 160 kilometers and none of them is boring. The Lone Valley, Eselsburg Valley and Wental, the meteor crater in Steinheim, the Albuch and the Härtsfeld – ten stages through the Brenz region of Heidenheim. I hiked two day stages near Zang and they definitely made me want to do the whole route. I had my base camp at Widmans in Zang, where you can not only eat fantastic food, but also spend the night in a shepherd's caravan or chalet.

In the farm store of Schafhof Smietana you can stock up on wool socks or lamb sausages before you continue on an old sheep drive to the Hitzinger Steige. Since the 15. In the nineteenth century shepherds moved across the Swabian Alb.

In the middle of the open landscape, dotted with dark green juniper and bright yellow broom bushes, a meteor tore an incomprehensible 20-kilometer crater millions of years ago, which is still clearly visible today. Gentle hills, herbs, white daisies, pink meadow knotweed and red corn poppies – in early summer it's green and blooming like wild everywhere on the eastern Alps.

The Wental valley, through which the Albschäferweg leads, is enchanting. About thirty bizarre dolomite rocks give it a fairytale appearance.

The sixth stage of the Albschäferweg leads from Zang via the Herwartstein ruins to Lake Itzelberg. In Königsbronn, it's worth taking a short detour down to the Brenz spring, which can't decide whether it shimmers blue or green or turquoise. Small fish swim happily back and forth between the water plants in the Brenztopf, in which the trees are reflected. A fascinating play of colors.

Start/finish Albschäferweg: several entry points, length: 160 km in 10 stages; all information about the Albschäferweg

East Alb on the shepherd's path

Hiking trails Baden-Wurttemberg: dream tours in the Black Forest

Blueberry trail Enzklösterle

A real favorite tour: the Black Forest gourmet trail Heidelbeerweg around Enzklösterle in the Northern Black Forest. First you walk through a dreamy green landscape of rocks and ferns and then through alpine valleys and meadows. Snacking allowed: In July, the delicious blueberries are ripe, which grow in abundance around Enzlösterle. And in the blueberry house down in the village you can buy everything you can make from the blue berries – honey, jam, schnapps, wine and much more.

Here I present my hike on the Black Forest Connoisseur's Trail Blueberry Trail Enzklösterle in detail.

Start/finish: Enzklösterle blueberry trail: Enzklösterle tourist information office, length: 12.7 km

Blueberry trail


“Himmelsgluck” is the name of the new lookout tower in the northern Black Forest (opening in spring 2021), Germany's highest wooden lookout tower with platforms 20, 35 and 50 meters high. If you want to go up, you have to climb 300 steps or take the panorama elevator. There is another way to get down: with the Flyline you can float comfortably through the forest or with an extra adrenaline kick in the Flying Fox, head first, rush down into the spa gardens of Schömberg.

The Zollernblick premium hiking trail circles the idyllic Oberlengenhardt, the smallest district of Schömberg in the Calw district. From the parking lot for hikers at the Schutzenhaus, the trail leads without any major inclines across extensive meadows and through the lush green fir forest; the observation tower is located directly on the trail.

Start/finish Zollernblickweg: parking lot Schutzenhaus Oberlengenhardt, length: 7.2 km

himmelsglueck tower northern black forest

Durbach Wine Panorama Trail

The certified premium hiking trail around Durbach is one of the Black Forest connoisseur trails. Rightly so, because more views are really hard to come by. It's beautiful in the Ortenau all year round, but when the autumn sets off its fireworks in the vineyards, it's hard to beat it. Here you can find my description of the Durchbacher panorama hike.

Another delightful tip for all those who enjoy wine hiking: In the Black Forest wine village of Sasbachwalden (approx. 30 km north) you can do a wine caching. Armed with a GPS device, in which the coordinates of the individual stations are stored, a description and a wine glass, we go on the search. There are a total of 19 waypoints to discover, including five with a wine safe where a good sip is waiting.

Start/finish Durbacher Weinpanoramaweg: Durbach fairground, length: 15.4 km

Path of enjoyment: Durbacher Panoramaweg

Black Forest gourmet trail to Hornisgrinde

The Black Forest Connoisseur's Trail Hornisgrinde with its almost seven kilometers is just right for a Sunday afternoon. From the Seibelseckle you hike along a stony path, initially quite steeply upwards, in the direction of the Dreifurstenstein. Even if the name “Genießerpfad” (connoisseur's path) suggests a round that can be easily mastered with ballerinas, ankle-high mountain boots are highly advisable for the ascent and descent.

After half an hour, a super wide view of the Grinden awaits you at the top. This is the name of the bare “summits” of the Black Forest. On the plank path you come through the high moor to the Bismarck tower (the filet piece of the tour) and from there past the Hornisgrinde tower down to the Mummelsee lake. The lake owes its name to the many pond roses, the nickname “Rummelsee” to the numerous tourists who stop here thanks to the direct location on the Black Forest high road. Black Forest gateau also tastes great at the Berghotel Mummelsee. By the way, this is real only with original Kirschwasser.

My tour description and more tips for hiking around Sasbachwalden.

Start/Destination Black Forest Connoisseur Trail Hornisgrinde: parking lot Seibelseckle, length: 6,7 km

Hornisgrinde Black Forest

Hiking Baden-Wurttemberg: Nature paradise Schönbuch& Heckengäu


The panoramic circular trail at the Schönbuchtrauf – a ridge walk along the Schönbuchtrauf with breathtaking views into the Ammertal valley to the Swabian Alb. The country.Tour is well signposted and takes just under three hours in total. The first part goes along the southern edge of the Trauf through the forest in the direction of Herrenberg-Kayh to the Jägergarten. Below the path leads almost parallel the orchard meadows back to the starting point above Herrenberg. The nice thing about this hike is that it can be varied according to your mood and preferences. If you only want to take a short walk, you can walk to the fallow deer enclosure and return on the 2.3 kilometer short barrier-free circular trail.

You have a great view over the treetops of the Schönbuch from the 30 meter high Schönbuchturm. This one is not directly on the path, but it is worth the short detour (ca. 400 m) from the parking lot at the Naturfreundehaus.

Start/finish Schönbuchtrauf panorama hike: parking lot at the forest cemetery or Naturfreundehaus Herrenberg, length: 10.8 km


Whether the blossom rush in the orchards is the most beautiful moment for this hike or the late summer, when temptingly ripe fruits hang on the trees … hard to say. The eight kilometer long Schönbuchspitzrunde is pure pleasure, at any time of the year. Even the gnarled vines and bare trees in hibernation I find charming. And the sun heats up the slope pretty fast even in February.

When the somewhat crispy ascent is completed right at the beginning of the tour, the panoramic path above the vineyards of Breitenholz rewards you with a magnificent view. Dry stone walls support the vines on the slope. You literally get a picture of how much effort goes into each bottle of wine from this steep slope.

Over hill and dale you hike comfortably on narrow paths through the Schönbuch forest, with again and again wonderful views into the Ammer valley.
Just in the mood for a short round: The first and last part of the trail runs identically to the premium walking trail “Ammerbucher Gigeleswegle”.

Start/finish Schönbuchspitzrunde: Hiking parking lot Breitenholz, length: 8.3 km

Orchard meadow in the Ammer valley

Land.Tour Venusberg

Maybe it is so beautiful here, because the corner still passes as a real insider tip and has so far been spared from mass crowds. For me it is an oasis (almost at my doorstep) where I can immediately recharge my batteries. The Heckengäu is a small natural paradise in the district of Böblingen, on the western edge of Stuttgart.

From stones, which the farmers have harvested from the fields for centuries and stored at their edges, so-called “Lesesteinriegel” were formed – the basis of the hedges. Together with the typical juniper heaths, these characterize the landscape. I am especially fascinated by the silence at the Venusberg, where there are also beautiful places for a picnic.

The Venusberg does not have a real summit and the altitude of 537 meters is more than manageable. That makes the country.Tour Venusberg to a really relaxed hike. You also learn something: At prominent points along the way, large wooden frames direct your gaze to the landscape and its cultural and historical significance, which is explained on small panels.

Start/Destination Country.Tour Venusberg: Hiking parking lot Kirchtal Aidlingen, length: 12.5 km

Heckengau Venusberg Hike

Hiking in Baden-Wurttemberg between the Enz and Zabergäu rivers

Three Lakes Trail

Hiking or rather relaxing at the bathing lake – on this tour you can have both. The Three Lakes Tour in the Zabergäu is an easy hiking tour without ascents, which can be varied at will from the Ehmetsklinge. The Zabergäu is located about 40 kilometers north of Stuttgart in the Stromberg-Heuchelberg Nature Park. Here you can find all important information about the hike on the Three-Lakes-Path.

Start/Destination Three-Lakes-Path: Parking lot Ehmetsklinge in Zaberfeld, Length: 9,3 km

Three Lakes Hiking Trail-Zabergau

Enzschleifen circular route

What the Neckar can do, the Enz can do just as picturesquely: winding its way through the landscape. Along the idyllic Enzschleife between Vaihingen/Enz and Muhlhausen I like to hike especially in spring and autumn. From the city center of Vaihingen it goes directly into the vineyards on the Enz – quite spectacular how the vines grow here on the steep stone terraces.

On the way back, the panorama shows its full glory from the opposite side of the river floodplain to the finale below Kaltenstein Castle. Fancy a little wine tasting? Then a detour to the vinothek in Roßwag is worthwhile.

Start/Destination Enzschleifen-Rundweg: Marketplace Vaihingen/Enz, Length: 13.6 km

Rosswag vineyards, Vaihingen/Enz

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