The most famous locations in Mallorca

Film off: Majorca is not only a much sought-after vacation island, also directors and producers appreciate the Balearic island. We show which locations on Mallorca, the favorite destination of many German holidaymakers, productions of well-known films and series took place.

The countless hours of sunshine and the pristine coastline, the wonderful cuisine and fine wines, but also the many fincas and villas are decisive when production companies choose the island. Filming on the island is therefore not uncommon and more often residential and recording cars populate scenic popular locations. In addition to blockbusters from the cinema and classics, international series productions are also filmed in Mallorca.

Filming locations on Mallorca The Night Manager

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Filming locations in Mallorca: The Night Manager

Every good agent production also includes the dreamlike settings in which the plot is advanced. This is also the case with the internationally successful series The Night Manager. At the center of the agent series is audience favorite Tom Hiddleston (known from the Marvel movies). He plays a hotel employee who becomes an agent.

We would like to mention two locations on Mallorca at this point. First, there is the villa of the villain Roper. The estate, which would suit any antagonist in such a story, belongs to a real lord in real life. This is the fortress “La Fortalezza”. Therefore a visit to the luxurious estate is not possible.

But it is different with the Hospes Maricel& Spa. A key scene in the series was filmed in the luxury spa near Palma de Mallorca. Here you will come to rest for sure – even if you are not a secret agent.

The most famous filming locations in Mallorca

Filming locations on Mallorca: “A long way down” – Camp de Mar

High visit to the Balearic island there was in 2014 by the ex-James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan. At the airport Son Sant Joan as well as in Camp de Mar he shot scenes for the British flick “A long way down. Other film stars like Sam Neill were also there. In the film, Brosnan mimes a man tired of life who meets like-minded people by chance and arranges a joint suicide date with them. In the process, they discover how much joie de vivre they still have left in them and go on vacation together. The beach of the small tourist resort Camp de Mar offers all the services holidaymakers could wish for. The beach bar is located on a small island off the coast and can only be reached via a footbridge – which Pierce Brosnan also used to walk across.

The most famous locations on Mallorca

Filming locations on Mallorca: “Cloud Atlas” – Soller and Sa Calobra

In 2011, several scenes of the film “Cloud Atlas” with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry were shot in Mallorca. The rugged and Mediterranean landscape around Sa Calobra, Soller and the Puig Major merge with the intricate story of the film. In spite of the heavy post-production of the landscape in the film, the original Mallorcan filming locations can still be recognized. For example, the popular tourist attraction, the mouth of the Torrent de Pareis near Sa Calobra or the mountain scenes around the Puig Major. The natural coastal formations are among the most sought-after filming locations on the island. During the entire filming of “Cloud Atlas” the historic sailing ship “Earl of Pembroke” could be seen in the harbor of Soller.

The most famous filming locations on Mallorca

Filming locations on Mallorca: “Evil under the sun” – Cala Fornells and Cala Monjo

Agatha Christie was a frequent guest on the island in the Mediterranean throughout her life. So she writes in her stories of Pollenҫa, Formentor, Soller and Alcúdia. After the death of the writer, Mallorca became the filming location for her story “Evil under the Sun”, although it is set on the Greek island of Crete, with Sir Peter Ustinov in the leading role. Cala Fornells is where the crime scene was staged and Cala Formentor served as the filming location for the cross-examination. In the bay Cala Fornells there are small sandy areas and rocky sections, from whose ledges vacationers rush into the sea. Also the bay at Cala Monjo is to be seen in “The evil under the sun”, today it is known as nudist nature beach among vacationers.

The most famous filming locations in Mallorca

Shooting locations on Mallorca: “A whole six months” – Playa de Formentor

In 2016, Emilia Clarke was on location for the filming of the movie “A whole six months” on the Balearic island. The “Mother of Dragons” from Game of Thrones travels to Mauritius for a romantic couple’s vacation with Sam Claffin in their new hit movie. However, the film crew shot all the Mauritius scenes on Mallorca – more precisely at Playa de Formentor, in the north near Pollenҫa. According to director Thea Sharrock, the ideal setting to fake the island nation in the Indian Ocean. Just the port of Pollenҫa, the surrounding restaurants and especially the sandy beach come close to the flair of Mauritius. She also shot other scenes of the film in the capital Palma de Mallorca.

The most famous film locations on Mallorca

Filming locations on Mallorca: “Jack& Jill” – Castell de Bellver

Leading actor Adam Sandler visited Mallorca during the filming of the American comedy “Jack& Jill” does not enter. Nevertheless, the film team shot some scenes here in 2011. Very close to Palma de Mallorca is the fortress Castell de Bellver. The fort is an unusual sight, because unlike many fortified buildings, it is built in a round shape. On the first floor of the castle is the museum of the city’s history with numerous archaeological finds. In the film “Jack& Jill”, however, it serves as a stately residence of Al Pacino. The Oscar winner falls head over heels in love with Jill in the comedy, who plays as well as Jack Adam Sandler himself. Unique in the history of the Golden Raspberry won “Jack& Jill” in each category the award. The Castell de Bellver is always worth a visit.

The most famous filming locations in Mallorca

Filming locations on Mallorca: “Rubbeldiekatz” – Ca’n Picafort

The Berlin filmmaker Detlev Buck also decided to shoot in Mallorca in 2011. In “Rubbeldiekatz” he himself took on one of the most important roles alongside the main character named Alexander, cast by the successful German actor Matthias Schweighofer. Alexander takes part in a casting in the romantic comedy dressed as a woman and actually gets the role as Alexandra. Some film scenes take place in a luxury villa near Ca’n Picafort, where Matthias Schweighofer even got animal support. The film terrier Hugo flew with mistress especially for the shooting to Mallorca.

The most famous filming locations in Mallorca

Filming locations on Mallorca: “Sinbad’s seventh voyage” – ArtA and Cala Sa Calobra

True film classics were also made on the Germans’ favorite island. Two films about the fairy tale of the Thousand and One Nights – “Sinbad’s Seventh Voyage” from 1958 and “Sinbad’s Dangerous Adventures” from 1974 – were filmed here. Sindbad had to flee from the cyclops at Cala Sa Calobra, for example. Also in the east of the island, in the caves of ArtA, the cyclops and the dragon fight each other. Today, the caves are also open to vacationers: A large stone staircase leads down into the illuminated cave system, which can be explored on a guided tour.

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