Tips for the semester break: Work, adventure and relaxation? How it works!

The good thing about the exam period is that it ends at some point and the well-deserved semester break follows. There are numerous ways to spend this free time. Of course, it can’t hurt if an opportunity to optimize your resume arises in the process. Ideally, you can even earn money. We have some tips for you on how to successfully combine work, adventure and relaxation.

Tips for the semester break: Work, adventure and relaxation? This is how it works!

Stay abroad

The wanderlust is great and the wanderlust has grabbed you? Depending on time and budget, there are exciting opportunities to spend your vacations abroad.

Internship abroad

You want to use your vacation wisely and increase your chances on the job market? During an internship you will gain valuable experience and get an insight into working life. If you like to explore distant countries and get to know foreign cultures, an internship abroad is just the right thing for you. An internship not only serves as an important additional qualification. You’ll expand your personal horizons and gain independence and self-confidence. With the right time management you can combine work and vacation. You can use the weekends to get to know the country and its people. Ideally, your time will allow you to spend a few more days on site after the internship. You’ve definitely earned your vacation. Since it is not easy to find an attractive internship position, it is worthwhile to seek the help of an agency. The agency will forward your application to suitable companies. If something goes wrong on site, you’ll get support there, too.

Work and Travel

Work and Travel is a popular way to travel cheaply and discover foreign countries. Especially for backpackers Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations. Most jobs are found in the tourism industry. We are looking for helpers in hotels, waiters or bartenders. If you are physically fit, you can also apply for a job in agriculture or animal husbandry. The pay for such occasional jobs can vary. It can happen that the work is paid with board and lodging. But this does not have to be a disadvantage. The cost of living in Australia is usually above the German average, while the salary is somewhat below it.

The other end of the world is too far for you? Besides Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey and Spain are also attractive destinations for backpackers.

Our tip:

If you decide to travel abroad, we recommend that you prepare carefully. Take care of organizational matters in time, such as a visa and health insurance for abroad.

Au Pair

You want to experience a new culture, but prefer to be at home in a fixed location? Then you might like an au pair stay. The most important prerequisite is that you enjoy working with children. If you are also patient and responsible, you have a good chance of finding a job. Possible locations can be the USA, Australia, New Zealand or even a country in Europe. Ideally, you will be able to find a host family on your own initiative. Friends and acquaintances may be able to recommend a family to you and establish contact. Alternatively, there are numerous agencies that specialize in finding host families.

Farm work

Due to the beautiful landscape, Australia, New Zealand, the USA as well as Ireland and Norway are popular destinations for farm workers. As already mentioned, farm work plays a role in the context of Work and Travel. There is also the possibility to live on a farm as a long-term guest worker. Depending on the place of residence and the type of farm, there can be different kinds of work. While ranch workers are the most sought-after in the USA, in Ireland and Norway early morning cow milking is usually the order of the day. You will support your host family in their work and live with them on the farm, where you will experience everyday life first hand. Usually you work for room and board.

Social projects in Germany

If it keeps you in the home four walls, there are also here many possibilities to use the semester break sensibly. There are numerous social projects that you can get involved with. If you like to work with children, you can for example support children’s holiday programs. There are various organizations such as the DLRG (German Life Saving Society), Boy Scouts, altar boys, youth clubs, etc. who are looking for mentors.

Dealing with children is not your thing? Almost every university offers international summer school programs during the semester break. They are looking for sponsors who can help the guest students with words and deeds.

If you don’t want to spend your semester break away from the university, you can also get involved in your neighborhood. In many large cities, there is organized neighborhood assistance, where elderly people and those in need of help are assisted with shopping or housework, for example. Depending on the organization, such part-time jobs are also well paid. In the later application process, the corresponding lines in your resume will definitely come in handy.

And a decisive advantage: During the semester break, the 20-hour limit per week does not apply, but you are allowed to work more and can save up a financial cushion for the coming semester!

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